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5 Mistakes To Avoid In Laser Engraving

5 Mistakes To Avoid In Laser Engraving

Laser engraving technology is, without a doubt, one of the most advanced technologies in printing. Unlike most of the other printing options, this form of printing is best in its versatility in application. You will be impressed by the fact that laser engraving can work on almost all kinds of surfaces. However, this is if you buy from a reputable brand such as Laser Engraving Manufacturers.

But to get the most out of laser engraving, there are several common mistakes that you need to avoid. These are mistakes that will make it almost impossible to produce a great engraving printing work. Here is what you need to look out for:

Burning Substrate

The burning of the substrate material is one of the common mistakes that people make. You need to avoid mistakes because it can lead to a lot of damages and probably lose your credibility is a businessperson. So you need to know the right setting, each of the fabrics being engraved to avoid this problem. It is also important to know what fabrics the machine can engrave and which ones it can’t. So, don’t use the machine on a fabric its not designed for.

Inconsistent Glass Engraving

One of the biggest benefits of laser engraving is that it can print images on substrates such as glass, which were very difficult to work on. But there can be some inconsistencies when it comes to working on this substrate. In some cases, the laser beam fractures the glass when it strikes it. The problem is usually causing a high-resolution setting that produces more energy than the substrate can handle.

Acrylic Not Producing Frosty White Engraving

It is expected that when engraved, the acrylic substrate will produce a frosty white engraving that makes it look nice. But that may not be the case all the time. In some cases, this may not happen. But the problem is usually the type of acrylic material used. For the frosty white engraving to appear, you need cast acrylic and not the low quality extruded acrylic.

Slow Laser Engraving

This a common problem, especially with relatively old laser engraving machines. If your machine starts slowing down, checking the setting first. If there are areas that you need to reset, just do it. If that’s not the case, have the machine services to improve its performance. Maybe you need a new laser gun to enhance the machine’s performance.