Maintenance Tips For Aftermarket Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Maintenance Tips For Aftermarket Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Did you know the extent to which you maintain Fecon mulcher teeth is the major determinant of the duration of service that you will enjoy? Indeed, most people disregard the aspect of mulcher teeth maintenance, only for them to experience unwarranted wear and tear even before they get value for their money. It would make no sense for you to be subjected to replacement even before you get ample service from the Fecon mulcher teeth that you bought. Here are some maintenance tips for mulcher teeth that you should know:

Clean Immediately After Use

The worst mistake you can make is to keep the mulcher teeth dirty for a long period of time. This has been the case with most people. In the end, they end up spending too much money in replacing the mulcher teeth. In fact, you should clean your mulcher teeth immediately after use.

Get The Right Cleaning Agent

Essentially, some of the cleaning solutions purported to work best for you only end up reacting with the mulcher teeth. In other words, some of the cleaning agents are reactive and can cause more damage to your mulcher teeth. In this regard, you need to be absolutely keen on the cleaning solution that you choose. Only the best cleaning agents should be preferred.

Keep The Teeth Dry

Did you know that some of the metals used in making Fecon mulcher teeth are highly corrosive? It gets even worse when the metals are exposed to environments that support corrosion. Therefore, you are advised to ensure that your mulcher teeth are kept dry. Ensure that you effectively dry up the mulcher teeth immediately after cleaning.

Apply Grease

The rotation movement of Fecon mulcher teeth can be easily affected by a lack of ample greasing. In other words, the productivity of your Fecon mulcher teeth is reliant on how well the greasing is done. Make sure that the mulcher teeth are properly greased at all times.