This Is How You Improve Rock Auger Teeth Longevity

This Is How You Improve Rock Auger Teeth Longevity

If you want to use your rock auger teeth normally for long, then you need to consider taking measures to extend their lifespan. There are things you need to do to keep the teeth in the best condition possible for longer. You will be surprised to learn that it’s not as difficult as most could be thinking:

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best ways of extending your rock auger teeth’ longevity. Follow the below tips, and you will have fewer repairs and replacements of rock auger teeth:

Invest in Quality

Before you can think of anything else, you need to start with buying quality auger teeth for your drilling equipment. The quality of rock auger teeth is greatly determined by the condition you are working on because conditions differ. You need to know which materials work best for you and still gives you value for money. You can click for info about some of the best quality rock auger teeth.

Proper Application

If you want your rock auger teeth to last longer, you must use them properly. You need to understand the application specification details as provided by the manufacturer. Make sure that you only use the teeth for the conditions they are designed for. Failure to do that means that you will expose them to a high rate of wear and tear, which means reduced lifespan. The thing is avoiding overloading your rock auger teeth.

Make Repairs

Make sure that you are making frequent repairs on your rock auger teeth. In most cases, these teeth can have cracks or blunt edges due to the roughness of the condition they are used in. These faults should be fixed immediately they are identified before they can accelerate the machine’s wear and tear rate. Cracks and seemingly week joints are some of the repairs that should be fixed immediately. That’s how the lifespan of your rock auger teeth is extended.

Observe Maintenance

Ensure you have observed the maintenance schedule of the rock auger teeth as provided by the manufacturer. This is one of the things that gets wrong and ends up with tools that wear out pretty fast. Therefore, you need to understand the right maintenance time. In some cases, a drilling specialist may recommend the best maintenance schedule depending on the conditions you are working in. Proper maintenance enables you to extend teeth’ longevity by fixing problems before they get worse.